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JOBY is a company which produces innovative, flexible tripods for cameras, SLR-s, flashlights and for Apple devices. Their products have names like GorillaPod-range meant for cameras, GorillaMobile and GorillaTorch. Each one of these ranges expands into multiple models, each customized for a certain size of the device that will be using it. More precisely, GorillaPod is made for cameras of 250g, 325g, 800g, 1kg, 3kg and 5kg. The original GorillaMobile can be used with multiple handheld devices, more like a universal product. There are also specialized models for iPod, iPhone 3GS/4/4S and iPad2. GorillaTorch is a range of torches which are mounted on tripods of this kind, making them extremely easy to mount on almost every surface, structure or object. Besides the presentation of their products, JOBY’s website offers potential clients the option of selecting the make and model of the device they intend to use with a tripod and they’ll get suggestions regarding what JOBY product fits better.
JOBY: What makes it different?
JOBY’s tripods are ingenious products because their construction is based on joints which are flexible and can rotate 360°. Basically, this means that Joby tripods can be packed in order to fit a small space in a bag, for easy travelling and they can also be attached to any support. They were considered true innovations in this field, when they first appeared in 2006. Moreover, their products are covered by rubber for extra protection and grip. At the same time, a tripod like this is almost indestructible. It definitely has a “wow” factor: you can attach it to tree branches, pipes, rocks, benches, chairs, tables or place it on uneven surfaces such as sand, pebbles, stone etc. In addition, by having such large variety of sizes and models, JOBY promises to deliver the best option when it comes to choosing the right accessory for your device. Also, keep in mind that they clearly inform clients every model’s limits (the mass of the camera) in order to make a decision while being well informed.
JOBY vs. primary competitors (sites similar to JOBY)
Manfrotto is a top player in the field of tripods. Their products are well known for quality and sturdiness. Manfrotto tripods have a more traditional form, compared to JOBY’s, meaning that they don’t bend and they use the popular flip-lock system for locking the legs’ segments in place. Besides this, it is worth mentioning that they are made of aluminium or carbon fiber.
Glitzo is another top competitor. Their products fall in the same category as Manfrotto’s and they are oriented to the more professional clients. Although both Manfrottto and Glitzo offer great, worth-buying products, they don’t have tripods which are so versatile as JOBY’s.
JOBY: Pricing & packages
JOBY tripods aren’t expensive. In fact, they are quite accessible; the price list can be seen below:
  • GorillaPod Original -from $19.95
  • GorillaPod Micro                    -from $19.95
  • GorillaPod Hybrid                   -from $49.95
  • GorillaPod SLR-Zoom             -from $49.95
  • GorillaMobile Ori for iPad2      -from $69.95
  • GorillaMobile for iPhone 4/4s  -from $39.95
  • GorillaTorch Original              -from $29.95
  • GorillaTorch Blade                 -from $59.95
On the other hand, it’s hard to find a Manfrotto tripod under $80, as their prices range goes up to hundreds of dollars. Glitzo tripods can be as expensive as $1000 (premium tripods). Of course these prices are justified in terms of quality, but not everyone is willing to pay for a tripod as much as they would pay for a camera. JOBY offers ingenuity at moderate to low prices.
JOBY: Product images & screenshots
JOBY Coupons
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JOBY: Customer reviews & comments
JOBY tripods are considered by many clients revolutionary because the whole perspective of photography may change due to their ability to wrap around any object and offer a secure support for a camera. The fact that their legs are quite short can be a downside, but this also makes them practical while travelling. Furthermore, a GorillaTorch shouldn’t be subestimated either as it can really come in handy when it is needed to fix something in a small, dark  space or maybe while camping (attach it to a tree). All in all, customers think that a JOBY tripod is unbeatable and the only thing it can’t be attached to is a wall.
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Get 20% Off Entire Order @ JOBY
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